‘Don’t go to Walmart next week’ — Florida man charged with posting threat on Facebook

Three days after an insane shooter killed over 20 shoppers at a Walmart in Texas, a Florida man wrote a threatening Facebook post warning folks to not head to Walmart because he was getting ready to get an assault gun, authorities said in a statement Saturday.

Richard Clayton, 26, seems to be a white supremacist and has a history of posting threats on social media using fictitious accounts, in keeping with the Florida Department of law enforcement.

“3 more days of probation left then I get my AR-15 back,” he allegedly wrote Tuesday on Facebook, before specifically naming the shop. “Don’t go to Walmart next week.”

Police said Clayton — who lives in Winter Park, a town north of Orlando — was charged with creating written threats to kill or do bodily harm.

The gunman in the August 3rd El Paso massacre, which authorities have represented as an act of terrorism, additionally seems to have white nationalist beliefs.

Authorities in Texas said Patrick Crusius, who’s white, confessed to targeting “Mexicans” and is likely the author of a web statement decrying a “Hispanic invasion of Texas.” The 21-year-old suspect killed 22 individuals and wounded a minimum of 26, police said.

A day once the rampage, another Florida resident was charged with threatening his own attack. Police said the person called a Walmart in Gibsonton and said he would “shoot up the shop.”

Clayton’s arrest came a day after a person walked into a Walmart in Springfield, Mo., carrying body armor and carrying 2firearms and over 100 rounds of ammunition. He was charged with “making a terrorist threat in the 1st degree” and is being held without bond.