How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Drastically through Instagram?

Are you looking forward to marketing your business through Instagram? Do you want to attract followers to your site? Here are the few simple techniques to generate organic traffic to your site from Instagram.

  1. Add a Website URL on Your Bio

Using the website link on your bio is one of the most common ways to attract followers on Instagram to your site. With Instagram, you can easily add one clickable link to your bio and use it properly. All you need to visit “Edit Profile” and type the same in website text box to add the link.  You can easily use your link to direct the followers to any page with the same interface as your Instagram feed where they can buy products and get information and see images. You can collect all the information to know which content works best with analytics dashboard. Make a content strategy by focusing on highly relevant posts.

By tracking the clicks, you can surely improve the list of subscribers and revenue to blog posts, email campaigns, newsletters etc. you will also like to keep an eye on your click-through rate. This way, you can use vanity URL to find out the source of clicks.

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